Muskaan Makeup Product Launch Campaign

I recently got to photograph Muskaan Makeup’s first beauty campaign. Muskaan Makeup creates cruelty free, halal-certified, vegan lipsticks with no animal derived substances.

Muskaan’s specific brand voice made these beauty images different from a traditional beauty campaign.  Muskaan’s slogan is “Smile with your heart” which is printed right on the side of the tube. Paragraph Inc., a branding agency here in Philadelphia, led the art direction. They wanted the talent to be happy and to show glimpses of their diverse personalities.  

My job was to keep the set fun, facilitate bad jokes, and keep everyone dancing. The day was a success and I love the images that we were able to create. Muskaan’s site is now live so make sure you head there and pick up some lipstick. A portion of their sales goes towards funding a rotating lineup of local and global charity programs.

Special thanks to:

Client: Sabeen Zia Muskaan Makeup

Art Direction & Design: Paragraph Inc.

Hair and Makeup: Dianna DuHaime and AnnaLissa Pedano of Onlo Beauty  

Talent: Reinhard Agency, Vie Model & Talent Agency, Shubhahgi Tyagi, Ashley Beitel, Ava Sophia, and Dayanna Shaw

Team: BTS Dvvinci and Tech Stephanie Price

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