Sita Active Campaign

I was recently approached to photograph Sita Active’s launch campaign. Sita Active is a versatile active wear that can be worn for many occasions including work, yoga, and evenings out. This is achieved through Sita Tech, Sita’s own odor neutralizing fabric and stylish design.

Sita’s slogan is Don’t Change. The goal of the campaign is to capture stills and video showcasing the versatility of the clothing in multiple environments. Pretty simple and straight forward, but one issue is that all had to be planned and executed within a month. We were on a tight schedule to be able to make the deadline for launching the website on February 1, 2019.

The shot list included:

  • Ghost mannequin images of all products
  • Large group shot of 16 women
  • Editorial for trade shows and press
  • Ecom images for website
  • Video

To overcome the logistic issues, I brought in my friends Maestro Filmworks.

Through a couple of creative calls, I was able to relay the the clients vision to the team at Maestro Filmworks. They came up with a one take style video. The video follows our hero Amanda of Silent Models NY from work to yoga, then a night on town with her friend. If you look hard enough I made a cameo in the video.

To accommodate the large amount of people on set 33+ we selected Daylight Studio. A couple weeks before the shoot we did extensive scouting and planning. To make the production flow, we staged the areas for photo, video, and art. This allowed everyone to prep while staying out of each others way. We also need an area for the client to work and relax.

In no particular order I would like to thank everyone involved.

Photo team: Josh Dehonney and Ritchie King

Video: Kris Mendoza, Charles, Kate, Weston, Joanna, and the rest of Maestro Fimworks

Makeup and Hair: Emily Dimant and Derrick Bernard

Styling: Susan Pardon

Website / Marketing: CDF Consulting and DRP Design



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